Whether teaching in person, remotely, or a hybrid of both, MyVRSpot is here to help you provide quality instruction for your students! Start by collecting and sharing content, engage your students and let them explore the concepts, then assess their progress all in one platform!


Collecting Digital Resources


The first step of any lesson is gathering and making instructional content. MyVRSpot has many ways in which you can create and store this content.


Upload resources you've already created such as documents, videos, audio files, or images. You can also use our YouTube/Vimeo tool to safely put that video content into your account. 


Use the Video and Screen Recorder Tools to record yourself delivering instruction, giving directions, or to create your own tutorials.





Sharing Instructional Content


Now that you have uploaded or created the instructional resources you need to teach, it's time to share that content with your students!

Ways to Share

There are so many different ways to share your digital content with your students! You can copy a link or embed code, generate a QR code, or even post directly to your Google Classroom.


Classroom Showcases

With MyVRSpot’s Showcase feature you can “showcase” an unlimited amount of media on your website, Learning Management System, or other digital platform for public viewing. Create an organized library of instructional media that is easily accessible by your students and their families.





Engaging your Students


The next step is to engage your students in the acquisition of material. The versatility of MediaSpot gives you many different options for engaging your students and giving them space to practice and explore.



MediaSpot will be your best friend during school closures because it is such a versatile tool! Create an entire lesson (text, video, images, audio, documents, etc.) within a MediaSpot project and share with your students. You can also create graphic organizers, digital worksheets, essays, reports, and more for your students to demonstrate their learning. Use one of our ready-to-go templates and build out an engaging instructional unit in no time. 

Here is an example of how MediaSpot can be used to share lessons and activities with students: example








The last step is to assess your students! There are many different ways to do this but MyVRSpot makes it effortless with our SmartSpot and Video Response System solutions!




Creating a SmartSpot quiz is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Place a question or two at the beginning of a video as a preassessment.
2. Insert questions throughout the video to check for understanding and to make sure your students are paying attention.
3. End the video with a discussion question asking your students to summarize the content and list any questions they may have. 


Video Response System


Create an Assignment in our Video Response System to better assess each student's comprehension. Once you've made the Assignment you will insert Prompts for your students to respond to. Additionally, you can associate a media item with a prompt AND allow students to respond in a variety of ways, whether through text, video, audio, or image.



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