Jamestown, Virginia

4th Grade Virginia Studies
Ms. Sarah Clements







On May 14, 1607, the Virginia Company settlers landed on Jamestown Island to establish an English colony. Colonists worked hard to create a wooden fort and it was within this fort that England’s first permanent colony in North America was established. 



Watch the video below on Jamestown and then click through the links to explore. Once you have reviewed that information, do the following:

1. Fill out the linked Google Doc and share it with me when complete.
2. Complete the Boom Cards deck on Jamestown.
3. Practice with the linked Quizizz.
4. Take the linked Jamestown quiz.







Review more about Jamestown by exploring the following links:


Historic Jamestown


Jamestown Settlement Museum




1. Fill out this Google Doc and share it when complete!




2. Practice by playing this Boom Card deck.




3. Review what you've learned with this Quizizz.





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